Reasons We Should All be Partists (Part-Time Artists)


Before we begin, I would like to start by saying that a part-time artist is not someone who necessarily  creates for income. I’m talking about someone who draws/paints/sculpts/sews/creates in any way in spare time that they have created for themselves in order to do so.

I myself,  have taken whole days away form work and friends in order to have those precious moments in which I am able to express myself freely, so I believe that it is extremely important to have these relaxing, and even therapeutic moments frequently; whether you consider yourself an artist or not.

1. Anyone can do it.

Almost anyone can pick up a pen or pencil and get to work on a clean sheet of A4.

I think a lot of people avoid creating art due to the anxiety that they are just not creative , but this simply isn’t true.We express ourselves daily though gestures and fashion choices and people are creative in a whole manner of ways; scientists and poets alike! Find yourself some inspiration, whether that be a song, an image in front of you or a dream you once had and pick up that pen. Write, scribble, paint, capture- it’s all you, baby.

2. You’re leaving your legacy each time you create.

Each time you make something, you are etching your own name on the world, and that is so rewarding. Whether you’re selling your own greetings cards, exhibiting your hours of labour, performing your piece or uploading a picture on instagram, you are showing the world how you perceive life- everyone is getting a teaspoon-full of your experience on earth, and that helps us all to relate to one another. Its a method of bringing people closer.

3. You’re learning.

When you make an “art-day” a regular thing, you gradually pick up more skills as you try new things. One month into your Friday routine, you might move from pencil sketches into using coloured pencils or watercolour pencils. Like school, putting yourself though  this structured environment will condition you to focus when it’s art-time, thus helping you to improve your skills. Think of when you’re training your Sim to cook so they don’t burn the house down. That’s ultimately what you’re doing.

4. But at the same time, you’re having a brain holiday.

Although regular creative exercise allows your brain to learn and focus, allowing yourself the time to be creative can also help your brain to switch off a bit. If you’re anything like me, you can go into a trance almost, and the thoughts and worries stop. It can be an extremely therapeutic , like a form of meditation, and because there’s no deadline you can revisit a piece as often as you like.

5. It’s part time- so whenever and wherever!

It’s your day off, so you just want to go for a walk or meet your mates for a coffee. The great thing about partist-hood is that you’re not contacted to “do your time” – so just bring a notebook/sketchpad with you on the move in case you get an outburst, and enjoy your day.

6. Art is a healthy hobby…

Just like cycling or going to the gym in your spare time, art is a hobby that reaps all kinds of benefits. Not only are you training a healthy brain, but hobbies are good for you, especially when they are as cathartic as this one. It is something you can do alone or in a group and so your experience can be different each time you get into your creative zone.

7. …And an opportunity maker.

Maybe you are going down the creative route and are looking for a career in an artistic field. Being a partist gives you plenty of time to get to work on your portfolio. Pastime or job, taking an hour or 3 of your day to work on a piece allows you to make entire series of artworks; which is perfect if you want to exhibit your work or set-up shop.


Whatever you want to get out of your creative sessions, I truly believe that art is for everyone and I so deeply encourage anyone to pick up that tool and get making. The thing about it being part-time is that you don’t have to drop any of your responsibilities and nobody’s expecting you to get it done. Your daily duties shall commence as usual, but your free time is productive and so rewarding. So, make it neatly or fling it everywhere. Do it in bed or on the bus. Take your time or scribble hither and yon, but most importantly- do it.


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