Lazy Days: How To Do Them Right.


Self-love is an absolute necessity, so what better way to treat yourself like royalty than to spend your day off in bed, watching shows on Netflix and eating delicious snack foods? This can be all to tempting but can make the week seem like a drag- especially if you are working lots and only get the occasional day off. Not only this but it can lower your productivity in general and can become unhealthy in some cases.

“But it’s a Sunday! This week has drained me and I need to refuel before the dreaded day-of-Mon; give me a break!”

That’s fair, but the thing is, I’m not suggesting you leave the house, get dressed of even do any physical activity. So, if you’re stuck for ideas of how to turn your lazy days into something more rewarding, I might have a few ideas for you.

1. Have a lie in.

This seems a little contradictory ,initially, but by getting that extra hour or two recharging, you are able to store that energy to enjoy a more productive and fruitful day! If you usually wake up at 7, set an alarm for 9.30 or 10.00 to make sure that you are fully rested whilst also making sure you don’t spend too much of your morning in bed. The early bird catcheth the worm, after all.

2. Make yourself a big, hearty breakfast.

Honestly, get a breakfast burrito or a big bowl of peanut-butter porridge down you to start the day. This minimises frequent snacking and you’ve already done something creative and productive by making it! For the burrito, all you need to do is:

-Get your Tortilla Wraps

-Grill Tomato, Portabello Mushroom and Red Bell Pepper for 10 minutes

– Fry and scramble Tofu with dairy-free Sunflower/Olive spread, Garlic, Black Pepper, Salt, and Paprika until firm (approximately 3-5 minutes)

-When it’s all cooked, wrap that sucker up and enjoy.

Banana, Oats and Coconut Nectar.

The porridge is just:

Porridge Oats

Coconut/Almond milk. Boil on the hob and stir until it thicken

-Mix in a tablespoon or two of peanutbutter, pecan nuts and top with chopped banana if you like.

Cooking is great entertainment for your day off and the results are très délicieux!

3. Lazy days are pamper days, naturally.

There is no better way to spoil yourself on your well-deserved resting day than to take time to care for every little nook and cranny. Paint those claws, use all of those Christmas bath bombs and leave that conditioner in your hair as long as you want; there’s no rush. Maybe take some time to style that ‘tache, pluck those brows, maybe even shave your legs if it’s warm enough!

It’s almost too enticing to skip the shower on your day off and just stew because, hey, you’re not going anywhere. But trust me, smelling and feeling immaculate really makes you feel great- even if you do end up sliding back under the duvet post-treatment.

4. Create something.

You could

-Write a song
-Write poetry
-Begin your novel
-Start up blog

I mean, come on, Netflix is great and all but there’s only 201 episodes of The Office in total… hm. No, I remain certain that you will be 100% more gratified when you have created something you and it just makes those lazy days so much more exciting when they do come closer. The creative opportunities are endless; and yes, you may still have Mr. Carell doing his thing in the background.

5. Create a playlist.

Admittedly, it’s not the most productive thing in the world but it is so entertaining and incredibly rewarding when you hear those old guilty pleasures again.

Get on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet and create your “lazy-day playlist”- complete with noughties cheesiness and those slow, sleepy guitar riffs. This honestly keeps me entertained for hours and my playlist grows and grows with each day off that I have.

You can also make a movie watchlist or reading list. Whatever tickles your peach.

Perhaps you can add Grayson Perry’s Playing to the Gallery to your reading list if you’re an aspiring artist.


6. Swap Netflix for just Flix.

Get off that laptop and take yourself to your nearest cinema! You have to leave the house and, sure, it isn’t free but there’s just something so much more enjoyable about seeing everything on the big screen. Plus, you can still be lazy. You’ve already left the house, so why not get yourself a coffee and stare out the window for half an hour. You deserve it.

7. Lazy-Day: Multiplayer. 

You work a hell of a lot, right? So it’s not always possible to spend a lot of time with your friends or partner. But today, you both have a day off.

Make yourself a cotton n polyester fort and a projector and you’ve got your own cinema, play your favourite video games together, make your own movie-snacks or just sit and talk over a wholesome cuppa. Seeing someone you love will definitely list those happy hormones so you’re guaranteed a great day.

I hope whatever you’ve read here will inspire you to get lazy in style- have a great day off, folks…and maybe have one for me.




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