Drawings I’ve Done in 2017 And How I Aim To Improve.

In Creative Knots.

So, this year has been very testing for me in terms of creativity, and I’ve found myself becoming extremely frustrated with the lack of ideas that I have been having for new pieces and have been putting myself under a lot of pressure to begin a new project.

I kept saying to my partner “I’m too tied up! It’s all a tangled mess,” which funnily enough actually lead me to creating these little digital illustrations of women who are just too caught up in their emotional and creative duties.

I had actually been trying to move away from the digital drawings and I’d bought myself 2 brand new sketchbooks but, inevitably, pages were torn and crumpled and so I already need to buy a new set!


I probably do more self portraits in my work than anything else, and I’ve been playing around a lot with how I want to present myself to the rest of the world. I used to be much more focused on realism mixing this with expressionist concepts but this year, I have been much more occupied with my illustrations as there is something so attractive to me about doodles and scribbles, recently.

Again, these two drawing depict my constant angst and frustration and anxiety as I continue to try and find “my niche” in art.

Colours and Scribbles.

A friend of mine likes to call this yellow fellow “Golden Graham” and I think it fits rather nicely. The other is yet another example of angsty-expressive doodling as I’ve been sulking in my room or in a bad mood because I’ve got a cold.

The use of colour in my drawings is often very minimal and so I was rather pleased with how these two turned out as I dared to pick up the yellow crayon. Playing with the shapes and expressions of these scrawled, scruffy characters, I also began o appreciate the lack of “good” art as I just totally let myself go when scratching these two on to scrap pieces of paper.

However, it has been a semi-productive year with work and other duties getting in the way, and I would like to do more in the way of experimentation and return to themes and ideas that I have had in the past.

Room For Improvement.

First of all, it is fair to say that, for a self professed “artist”, I don’t nearly to enough drawing. Back in school it was a daily habit, doing from 3 to 5 pieces of art a day, whether that be 2 rough sketches and a painting or 5 peanut sized illustrations. These days, it’s been a productive week if I manage to get 2 pieces done.

In light of this, my first step to success is to create every day. No more torn out pages or tantrums over lack of inspiration; I will simply draw whatever is available to me.

Secondly, I will revisit old artworks, ensuring that there are more ideas and styles that I can finish exploring. For example, I found a great self portrait I did back at the beginning of 2016 in which I was still doing a lot of sketching from photographs. I also found some progress photos of my A-Level art project, in which I was experimenting with the word “components”, focusing on light and using new materials such as string.

Finally, I will not put too much pressure on myself to make “good art”, making sure to stop comparing my work with others’ and stop trying so hard to convey a meaning with each piece that I do. I will work hard, but for the gratification of creating something that speaks to me.

So, two brand new sketchbooks and a new set of pens have been bought and I have two weeks off of work to get to it. I shall keep you updated with anything new.


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