My Travel Essentials

I love  my little rituals, and I take them with me wherever I go. Whether I’m taking a short hour-long trip on the train or a 5 hour car journey, I’ll always carry my essential items with me.

So, here’s a brief list of what I can’t leave behind when I venture:

A Camera

18836456_783953385103919_1140448615_o (1)

I am a firm believer that you should never miss an opportunity to capture something beautiful, and you never know what you might find along your travels; a lovely sunset, a rare sighting or even just a cute candid of you on your journey. I prefer using a disposable camera so I can bring a souvenir back home with me no matter where I go.

A Notebook or Sketchbook


Just like the camera, a pen and a good sketchbook/notebook are crucial for the capturing process. Inspiration can hit at any time and so it’s super important to be prepared for a sudden wave of creativity, even on the move. This Magma Sketchbook is super cute, has loads of pages and even has tips and page numbers inside.

Lip Care


If, like me, you have incredibly weather sensitive lips, then these items are ones you can’t afford to leave at home. The weather is often very unpredictable and so I always bring my Bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH and my yummy Gingerbread flavoured Vegan lip balm by Crazy Rumors to make sure I am extra prepared.



Okay, so if you’re travelling within the UK like I usually am, it’s unlikely you’ll need these but like I said, the weather is unpredictable. Plus it’s always good to look cool and mysterious on your travels. These glasses were actually from the Men’s department in NEXT.

A book you can get lost in


This one is great for those long, boring train journeys. I usually read poetry collections or short stories as it’s not as easy to lose track or get distracted. Plus there’s so much thinking and analysing you can do with poetry, it could keep you occupied for hours. Sylvia Plath’s poems make for one dreary but hugely engaging journey!



Lastly, and this could just be me, I always bring a deodorant with me. Long journeys can be hot and sticky and I want to stay fresh for when I arrive to wherever I need to be! There’s nothing worse than feeling sweaty and gross after a long journey. My personal favourite is LUSH’s The Greench powder deodorant. It keeps your pits dry and lasts all day. Plus you only need to use a little bit so, as you can see, this one has lasted me over a year!

So guys, be prepared and enjoy your travels!



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